CLM-Services supply a wide range of commercial laundry machines, including industrial washers, dryers and commercial ironers that can be tailored to meet your exacting needs. You can trust us to supply, install and maintain the washers, dryers and finishing equipment that you rely on every day.

Our equipment is water technology listed confirming the very latest efficiencies in energy consumption, with many models designed specifically for communal needs in consultation with social housing.

With sustainability at the forefront of our ethos, CLM’s team of consultants can carry out a full laundry audit providing typical savings up to;

  • 80% in hot water
  • 45% in overall water use
  • 60% in electricity
  • 35% in gas
  • 50% in detergent
  • 30% in operator labour

This provides significant financial savings whilst conserving energy resources, reducing your CO2 emissions and eliminating the potential for allergens to users.