Our dedicated team has vast experience and we are able to tailor a service package to your requirements. This means you can keep downtime to a minimum while still being in control of your budgets.

A preventative maintenance plan with CLM-Services will help you stay on top of maintenance, repairs, and parts replacements so you can prevent equipment failure before it ever happens. Preventative maintenance will also keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently, prolong the life of your equipment and reduce your overall maintenance costs.

It’s important to keep your dryer ducts clean and maintained to meet Fire Risk Assessment standards, satisfy requirements from your insurance company and maintain peak machine efficiency.

The ducting system for Tumble Dryers is designed to remove the moisture and lint from your laundry, but overtime lint builds up in the duct and reduces airflow. This causes the dryer to expand more energy and overtime will cause the dryer to over heat and lint within the duct will catch fire.

At CLM-services we pre-plan all maintenance visits, providing peace of mind knowing that when you partner with us that your business is always fully compliant to regulations and safe. Preventative maintenance to your Ducts will help reduce cycle times, utility costs and associated CO2’s, meaning regular maintenance pays for itself.

How Often Should Your Dryer Vents be cleaned?

We recommend all our customers to have their kitchen canopy cleaned regularly. This prolongs their life and avoids costly replacements, but most importantly removes carbon, grease, and fatty deposits.

Oil and grease build up is a serious fire hazard and can quickly spread fire throughout the building. At CLM-Services, our canopy cleaning will remove all carbon, grease and fatty deposits, helping to improve airflow and ventilation of your kitchen. We will also provide you with a report and photographic evidence we’ve carried out cleaning, which can be used for insurance purposes.

A fresh approach to disinfecting and deodorising in commercial and healthcare environments. Trust nature to provide the most sustainable solution. Our room sanitisation service provides complete peace of mind eliminating harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, Norovirus, E.Coli, Salmonella and C.difficile and neutralises unpleasant odours where filters, ionisers and sprays can only mask them and is already used widely across the NHS.

CLM’s sanitisation service is designed with busy businesses in mind; from a single room to multiple sites our engineers can attend to complete the sanitisation leaving your property fully disinfected and odour free in no time, all for a low fixed cost.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that gas equipment used in the workplace is in a safe condition, well maintained and inspected regularly where required. To help you achieve this, our trained engineers can carry out rigorous checks on your gas equipment in the Laundry room and Kitchen, providing you with a Report of Thorough Examination, which provides written evidence that you are proactively following H&SE requirements, and a certificate will be issued when the equipment is compliant.

Reactive Support

Breakdowns are never convenient; which is why our reactive maintenance service has been designed to keep downtime to a minimum. You call, we respond. It’s as simple as that. Our highly-trained engineers are based across the UK, ensuring we can deliver the ultimate service to each of our customers as and when it’s needed.