At CLM-Services we know the LED market well and have helped our customers to significantly increase the efficiency of their buildings and successfully reduce their carbon emissions and associated utility costs. We are fluent with the manufacturers and products and can quickly calculate the financial savings from moving from historic lighting technology to LED lamps.

We provide free advice and support including the undertaking of a cost analysis to ensure we find the right solution and best value for your premises. Utilising a CLM Complete Care plan, we can supply, install and maintain your LED lighting with no capital outlay; and in most cases the savings on electricity bills will outweigh the monthly cost of the plan so that you recognise your return on investment from day 1.

LED Case Study – Healthcare

Surrey Care Home

Energy Spend before LED installation: £7,977.00

Energy Spend after LED installation: £1,302.00

Annual Savings: £6,675.00

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With primary indications from recent research showing that LED lighting can improve the health of seniors with Alzheimer’s and related dementia, the owners wished to refurbish their premises lighting with a simple view to reduce energy costs and help improve the wellbeing of their residents.

The building consisted of typical domestic and commercial light fittings of which  all were replaced with modern, energy efficient LED counterparts.

With the care home being a 24-hour business, a great deal of the lights would be permanently left on. The business saved on their annual lighting costs whilst improving lighting levels in many areas.

”Extremely professional and efficient partner”

As our company grows and our responsibility to the environment grows with this, we will continually look to operate in a manner that is in line with our long term strategy that actively looks to reduce our carbon footprint while improving the well-being of our residents.
From first contact with CLM, they were quick to grasp our concept; from providing an initial energy audit, through to the design and installation. I would have no hesitation in recommending CLM to any business.

Alistair Greene / Managing Director