CLM-Services provide marine specific solutions with high-end, low energy consumption products, from compact light marine laundry equipment to high capacity solutions for larger vessels. Our experienced team conduct fast, efficient servicing and repairs in port or dry dock.

With guests becoming more discerning and staycations increasing in popularity, CLM-Services will make sure your laundry and catering equipment is functioning to it’s optimum, helping improve your customer’s experience. As the industries leader in sustainability and localism, we will also make sure your equipment is energy efficient, saving you monies and that our local engineers are never far away, should you need us.

We support a wide variety of sports and leisure clubs and facilities, from football, rugby and cricket to motorsport, golf, tennis and basketball. CLM have a cost-efficient, energy saving solution for keeping your kits, towels and linens, perfectly clean and fresh. We also support commercial catering equipment to keep your kitchens and bars running seamlessly.

CLM-Services understand the needs of busy childcare settings, where keeping items clean and fresh are of upmost importance. CLM provide low-cost, energy efficient laundry solutions that meet CFPP- 01-04 regulations and insure potentially infected laundry is completely sanitised and safe.

CLM-Services support equestrian centres, schools, arenas, stables, studs and everything equestrian with our specialist ranges of equipment and service. Select models providing protection against horse flu, strangles and ringworm, helping protect your investment.

Our priority is to keep your drinks flowing, kitchens cooking and squeaky clean. CLM have specific solutions for these fast moving and demanding environments, with local same day service, new equipment rental options and compliance solutions.


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