Sophie’s 7 Signs it is time to replace your washing machine…………

Many communal laundries have machines that look old but some key indicators can help you decide if it could be time for an upgrade. Washers used to have minimal settings and use a huge amount of energy and water, but now many come with in-built features to help save the planet (and your residents money).

Here are some of Sophie’s 7 Signs to consider if you think it could be time to change:

  1. You want to reduce your energy bills

Modern washing machines are engineered for energy conservation and CLM selects those that exceed energy standards set by regulatory bodies, translating to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint, saving you £££’s

2. Needs have changed

Different machines have differing functionality and over time, communal needs may have changed. With machine options including; thermal disinfection, sluice cycles, cycles to sanitize and remove stains without extra chemicals, the correct machine can handle everything, not only keeping you compliant and safe but also extending the life of garments

3. Your using too much water and detergent

Not only can you save money on electricity bills, a modern machine can reduce your costs when it comes to water bills, detergents and conditioners too!

Modern machines can regulate the amount of water and detergent used, based on the load size and fabric types, not only saving you money but ensuring optimal cleaning, preventing residue build-up and extending life of garments and the machine itself.

4. Your washer is very loud

Many older machines are noisy and where resident accommodation is close to the laundry room this can be intrusive, especially on a spin cycle. This can be due to worn components or less advanced design. Newer models have improved motors and suspension systems, significantly reducing noise and vibration during operation.

5. Your having it repaired frequently

Although it’s better to repair than replace wherever possible, sometimes sourcing parts for older machines is impossible, or prohibitively expensive, meaning it could just be cheaper to replace. CLM’s new machines have Care Response warranty covering machines for 5-8 years, ensuring that if a repair is needed, the cost of parts and labour is covered. This not only provides complete peace of mind, negating any unexpected costs but underscores the quality and reliability of the products.

6. You want to reduce your environmental impact

Eco cycles, reduced energy consumption, reduced water usage, reduced detergent use etc all saves money but also benefits the environment. A new machine can improve your environmental impact hugely and for many years to come. CLM select the most sustainable products available, helping you improve your green credentials.

7. You have residents with allergies / illness / specialist needs

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance within communal facilities, especially when some users can have allergies, illness, asthma or other vulnerabilities. A smelly drum can not only be unpleasant but can be dangerous to users. Newer models can really help manage this with drum clean functions, thermal disinfection modes, sanitization features etc all helping in eliminating bacteria, allergens and any residues from the previous wash load, promoting a healthier, safer environment.

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