We have put together some advice for the safe use of communal laundry rooms. Please ensure that you follow the measures carefully to protect you and your residents;

At CLM we are closely monitoring COVID-19 and recommendations following the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization and the UK Government.

As a laundry service provider for communal laundry rooms, the CLM team provide laundry services to housing, healthcare and the wider public sector. All laundry service providers remain critical to the basic needs and hygiene needs of the general public. Access to these services is particularly important for multi-family housing residents.

CLM recommends distributing hand sanitisers across schemes reminding all residents and staff to wash their hands regularly and to stay home when showing sypmtoms

Upon entering and exiting communal laundry facilities, please wipe down the touch pad, door handles and other commonly touched surfaces on the equipment before and after you use the equipment.

Maintain 6-feet of social distance between others in the communal laundry, visit the facility at off-peak hours and wait outside for your laundry cycle to complete.