How to Save Money, Reduce Energy and extend life of your appliances – Sophie’s Top Tips….

Appliances can have a significantly longer life and be more efficient if you follow some simple tips.

The cost of living crisis is continuing to have an adverse effect on all aspects of life, whether it’s the rising prices of essentials or energy bills – which are set to remain high, in spite of the price cap having dropped.

With all of us seeking ways we can save money and make the best use of everything, having an appliance go wrong is something many of us will want to avoid. Fortunately, there are ways you can make your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and other items last longer, become more efficient and reduce energy – just by making a few changes.

Follow our Top Tips to keep these critical appliances tip-top…

Washing Machine
A common issue that many find with washers over time, is laundry not being cleaned effectively, leading to stains and smelly clothes.

Sophie Jennings, an appliance expert at CLM says “often this is a result of overloading the machine, which makes it difficult for the water and detergent to work effectively. Additionally, using too much detergent can also clog the machine, further impacting the equipment lifespan.”

Aim to fill your machine to around 80% capacity, you should be able to fit your hand in the drum on top of your clothes. Also, reduce the amount of detergent you use, saving money and reducing water consumption whilst washing more effectively and extending the life of the equipment.

Finally, an annual service or preventative maintenance visit with a deep clean will not only keep your appliance working as new but will pay for itself with lower energy costs, faster cycle times and increased longevity of clothes.

If your dishwasher isn’t properly cleaning pots and pans it can be tempting to wash them by hand first – but this increases water usage, which can be costly and harmful to the planet.

Instead, keep your dishwasher well maintained to ensure everything comes out sparkling – and check for bad smells or gurgling noises that could indicate a clogged filter.

Sophie says “to clean the filter, simply remove from machine and empty before cleaning thoroughly with an old tooth brush or similar, to help keep it trapping food residue and leaving your cutlery sparkling.”

An annual service by a professional is always a good idea and will help prevent expensive, un-planned failures and keep your machine working as new, for many years more.

Tumble Dryer
Over time tumble driers can struggle to get hot enough or even not heat up at all. Poor circulation is often the cause, Sophie explains “It is often caused by a build-up of soggy lint from fluff and fibres, so make sure you clean your filters after every cycle and this will help the air fully recirculate, drying your clothes effectively.” “Furthermore, it is essential to have a professional conduct a full TR19 duct clean or condenser service annually, to help mitigate fire risk and keep your appliance working as new. This will always pay for itself, as will reduce cycle times, energy usage, frequency of failures and prevent your machine from over-working, extending its lifespan.”

Fridge Freezers
Fridge freezers should last many, many years – so if you notice yours is suddenly not as cold as it should be, there may be an issue.
This could be something as simple as the door not shutting properly – such as debris in the seal or the fridge freezer being too full.
Sophie explains, “food or debris can be removed with a quick clean and should you have frost build up, this can be resolved with a de-frost. Avoid overfilling the appliance as this will reduce circulation within the fridge freezer, causing a temperature change.”

An annual service and inspection by a professional will help avoid repairs and what can be expensive losses, with food wasted through the appliance not maintaining temperature, as well an ensuring the appliance lasts for many years.

For further information regarding how to extend the life of your appliances, save money, reduce energy and enhance safety or to book an annual service, contact your local specialists, CLM, today on: 0800 009 6683 or at