CLM’s Complete Care team discuss: how we can create a ‘new normal’ for communities moving forward following Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced huge changes into all our lives, including the mass migration to online shopping and an increasing reliance on digital communication. Many of these changes move the social housing sector forward and create opportunity within the uncertainty, but now we must plan for a ‘new normal”, without isolating the most vulnerable.

To help prevent the most vulnerable becoming more disadvantaged we need to work together to create a new, fairer normal.

At CLM, we understand the role our business should play in helping to create a better future for these communities.

There are difficult questions about how organisations can offer the best ‘new normal’ for the sector’s most disadvantaged and how that can be provided throughout the diverse age ranges of residents.

Many key challenges which, although thrust into the spotlight by Covid- 19, were already inherent in our society. The pandemic has exposed some particularly unpalatable truths – that those who have often taken the highest risks in frontline roles throughout the crisis are ultimately the ones who are paid the least. In terms of education, it is noted that while talent is evenly distributed, access and opportunity is not and with differing age groups, some have access to connectivity whilst the majority of our elderly don’t. With its unique Complete Care whitegoods packs for appliances, CLM are trying to build a model to tackle some of these discrepancies.

CLM’s Complete Care team already recognise that those who need appliances and electricals the most, often pay the highest price. Households can spend over 45% more on the weekly shop because they can’t afford a fridge to store food. By launching our “Complete Care” whitegoods packs, CLM are helping the housing sector to adopt a mindset for change, assisting in creating a better future – where everyone can afford access to what they need for a good quality of life.

CLM have an important role to play in this, which is why we have committed to changing the way people in social housing access and maintain their appliances.

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