Energy bills to rise by at least £139 for millions of households…. Request your FREE appliance energy audit from CLM today!

Energy prices will rise for millions of people across the UK in October, right at the start of the winter and the colder weather.

The typical gas and electricity customer is likely to see their bill go up by £139 to £1,277 a year. Charities have warned the timing would hit struggling families hard, who already face losing an extra £20 a week from Universal Credit in October and pre-payment customers will see an increase of £153, from £1156 to £1309, the regulator has said. Ofgem has stated that rising wholesale costs were behind the increase.

Peter Smith, Director of Policy at fuel poverty charity National Energy Action has said “Millions of household budgets are already stretched to the limit and this massive increase could not be coming at a worse time”.

Ofgem has stated that rising wholesale costs were behind the increases.

Many energy suppliers and charities advise on “switching” deals to gain lower rates and this is good where possible but CLM warn: many vulnerable people may not be able to switch due to levels of debt, group resident schemes or because pre-payment customers have far fewer options to switch supplier tariff.

Help is available from energy companies to the most vulnerable and CLM advise any residents struggling with bills should speak with their energy supplier, as soon as possible.

Additionally, usage should be investigated to reduce consumption and CLM can help…

  • Are appliances the most economical to run?
  • Are appliances serviced and maintained to insure most efficient running?
  • In communal laundries, are machines old and in-efficient in terms of energy use?
  • Is equipment the correct type, with short cycle times and highest energy efficiency?
  • Do capacities allow for fewest cycles?

Many more facets can be audited and checked, detailing the most efficient methods for saving money and reducing energy consumption.

CLM are offering FREE energy audits, in order to help reduce energy usage and reduce costs to residents.

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