CLM Feature – Localism and Sustainability post-lockdown………………

Localism and sustainability can mean different things to different people and are certainly broad and emotive subjects but in the context of CLM, they’re about Sourcing, Provenance, Heritage, Community and Environmental Impact.

Post-lockdown, our customers are telling us that it is increasingly important for them to be sourcing locally. CLM have always provided a local service with our engineers and customer care staff living in the areas they work, minimizing their environmental impact, reducing CO2s, getting to know their customers and their differing needs and requirements, whilst supporting local communities and keeping costs low to our clients.

Lockdown came with countless inspiring stories of the great and often selfless work operators from all sectors carried out. Whilst many competitors furloughed or laid off staff in our sector due to decreased demand, CLM did not furlough one member of our team. CLM believe localism encompasses how you behave within and support your local community, which in turn carries great responsibility, especially at a time when its needed most. Our local teams continued to provide service and support 7 days per week, supporting our local communities and some of the most vulnerable within them.

Our products have always been the most energy efficient, many manufactured here in the UK, unlike most and distributed locally, via our network of hubs, reducing over-land miles, associated CO2s and costs, something that has always resonated with our customers. This is combined with our ethos of repairing as opposed to replacing, wherever possible and our long-term commitment to ethical, responsible recycling.

Post-Lockdown, these areas have increased in importance and CLM continuously develop and improve sustainability and localism, not only within our organisation but with our partners, suppliers and the communities that we operate in. This provides “real” economic, social and environmental benefits to all.

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