CLM’s deliveries are always on time but why do they arrive in non-uniform packaging?

CLM distribute thousands of parts and products every year to our customers, within the Housing, Healthcare and Public Sectors, requiring significant packaging materials !

With sustainability embedded within our DNA we have sought to minimise the impact our business has on the environment from day one and our local, regional parts centres and recycling of packaging is just a couple of the way’s that we do that. So when you receive a package from CLM, it will be from your most local parts centre, reducing transit miles and your order will be packaged to provide the protection it needs in transit but may not be in a new or same brand box. This is intentional and something we have always done, as we always try to think local and re-cycle / re-purpose, re use all our packaging within the business, reducing our impact on the environment.

We encourage our customers to do the same, with benefits including:

  • Saves Energy – CLM’s in-house re-cycling facilities use minimal energy. Up to 99.99% less than then producing new cardboard from raw material. They also eradicate additional transportation costs, energy and associated CO2’s compared to new product. Finally, our sustainable logistics and local parts centres insure the shortest journey to the customer….all reducing our environmental impact.
  • Saves Trees – By re-using our packaging, CLM and our customers are benefitting the planet, reducing deforestation for this purpose. Not only does it help preserve trees and our environment and oxygen levels but also the natural habitats of our plant and animal life, of which 80% live within earths forests. Anything to reduce deforestation not only benefits climate change but protects these habitats and reduces potential zoonotic diseases and our eco system.
  • Reduces Pollution – Landfill sites are notoriously harmful to the environment, releasing methane as the materials break down and by recycling / reusing our packaging, less water and air pollution is created. The damaging effects of greenhouse gasses are reduced as a result, benefitting all.
  • Creates Jobs – Recycling / Repurposing is a labour – intensive procedure that involves collecting, sorting, processing etc. This in turn creates job opportunities, adding to economic stability and growth.

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