US President, Joe Biden targets dishwashers in climate crackdown and the UK could be next…..

The American government wants to limit the volume of water used by dishwashers in a bid to slash water use in the US by more than a third. Under the new rules, models sold from 2027 will have to use a maximum of 3.2 gallons of water per cycle, much less than the current limit of five gallons.

In Britain, the Government has committed to reaching net zero by 2050 with new laws incoming that will ban gas boilers and polluting vehicles, along with rules dictating minimum energy efficiency standards.

The Government currently plans to force manufacturers to label white goods with their water efficiency in order to weed expensive-to-run machines out of the market.

Campaign groups have warned that such measures may be escalated if not successful – and homes may be banned from installing the water-intensive dishwashers in future.

A two-hour cycle of a dishwasher uses roughly 92p worth of power under the current electricity rates, according to calculations by Citizens Advice and Nathan Richardson, of charity Waterwise, said dishwashers “at the worst end” were among the most water intensive appliances in the home, adding: “That’s where water labels come in. The aim will be that the market will move in the direction of more efficient products.”

He said that changes would “not happen overnight”, but if market-led initiatives did not succeed, rules forcing new-builds or retrofits to install certain models of dishwashers could be considered.

Paul Hide, of trade body the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances and CLM urge the Government to consider incentives to encourage builders and households to purchase the most efficient appliances to help the nation achieve net zero targets.

CLM spokesperson, Sophie Jennings said “CLM promote the use of eco settings on washing machines and dishwashers to get the most efficient performance from machines and will always try to promote the most environmentally friendly solution, to all customer requirements”.

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