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BREAKING NEWS: CLM’s Pro20 Mobile Ozone Sanitiser is approved for the rapid sanitising of Welsh Emergency Ambulances against COVID-19.

The CLM Pro20 mobile ozone sanitiser has been tested by DARSA and the DTSL as part of a winning solution run by the SBRI, the Welsh Government and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust. The tests were conducted at Porton Down under the Rapid Sanitising Technology for Ambulances initiative aimed at reducing the time taken […]

Ozone vs. Coronavirus: Ozone’s Efficacy as a Virucidal Disinfectant

It’s no secret in the cleaning and disaster restoration industry that ozone is extremely effective at removing odors through molecular oxidation.  Lesser known is its efficacy as a disinfectant, for which it has been used effectively in the medical field for many years. A powerful gas capable of high levels of disinfection, ozone can be […]