Compliance: CLM Offer FREE 2021 Health Checks.

To ensure scheme safety, compliance and protection, the CLM service team are offering FREE Health Checks to help keep your residents safe.

Water Regulations and Safety: Housing Associations, Councils and Landlords advised to take precautions when re-opening communal laundry rooms and kitchens…

The restrictions to minimise the spread of Covid-19 since mid-March and low utilisation over Christmas have meant many schemes communal facilities have been left closed or partially used, meaning many water systems or assets may have been left stagnant. WRAS is encouraging all landlords to consider the risks posed by their water systems sooner rather than later, to avoid health risks. Julie Spinks, MD of WRAS, said: “Stagnant water can pose a risk for the users and residents of any kind of building, so it is vital that the water system is prepared and refreshed before access resumes.”

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Fire Safety: Landlords urged to check white goods…

In excess of 5 million whitegoods, known to be dangerous or pose a potential fire risk due to design flaws have been sold in the UK. Which? London Fire Brigade and Government data shows this to cause over 60 property fires per week. CLM are sector specialists currently offering a FREE fire safety asset check. Our team of trained advisors will quickly identify and reference un-safe models in real-time, with efficient reporting and processes to protect your residents and buildings alike.

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Fire Safety: Communal tumble dryer vent check and duct cleaning…

Restricted dryer ducts or incorrect venting, poses a severe fire hazard causing lint to build up, forcing machines to work harder and increasing utility costs. This often leads to overheating and the lint igniting, the cause of most building fires. This risk is increased within a communal environment due to usage, the number of dryers and their proximity to each other.

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