Zero carbon is a major challenge for Housing…CLM explain…

Haven’t we been here before with sustainable housing policy? Well, yes. There have been policy ups and downs – in England in particular – which have upended the sector’s plans and economy around retrofits and green building. Additionally, the Green Home Grant has come and gone. But legislation is beginning to fill in the gaps. In England, we expect that from 2025 new homes will have to be much more energy efficient and cannot be connected to the grid. In Wales, from next year new social homes will need to have green heating systems to meet stricter energy-efficiency requirements. Scotland has a target for improving the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of existing homes.

More changes will undoubtedly come soon for housing in all the nations, or the UK will not meet its target.

That sounds expensive? Yes, it will be. It is expected that costs to retrofit all social homes will reach more than £100bn, although zero additional cost methods exist within areas and CLM can help.

Is it a technical challenge, too? The technology already exists to retrofit homes to a point where they are low cost to heat, use little energy, and are warm and comfortable. But it is does require expertise to make sure work is carried out properly. CLM are specialists within their field, focused solely within Housing.

What does it mean for new build homes? Although the main challenge is retrofitting existing homes, the standards for building new homes are changing. Many argue that social landlords should be moving ahead of regulation, so that they are not building new homes which they then have to spend thousands retrofitting with insulation or new heating systems in a few years’ time.

How can CLM help? CLM have a unique focus on sustainability and can help you reduce emissions, move closer to government targets and save residents money ! Our LED Lighting, Communal Laundry, Communal Catering & White Goods supply and service options – provide “real” solutions to reduce carbon emissions, without any capital costs.

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