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Compliance: CLM Offer FREE 2021 Health Checks.

To ensure scheme safety, compliance and protection, the CLM service team are offering FREE Health Checks to help keep your residents safe. Water Regulations and Safety: Housing Associations, Councils and Landlords advised to take precautions when re-opening communal laundry rooms and kitchens… The restrictions to minimise the spread of Covid-19 since mid-March and low utilisation […]

The CLM operations team discuss: How to make the communal laundry room a social, safe and appealing amenity for residents.

A communal laundry room can be a valuable amenity for many residents and the following ideas are a good start to making laundry facilities appealing. Convenience Is The Key – The primary design consideration of a laundry room must be the convenience to residents. Communal laundry rooms should be located near main traffic areas. A […]