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CLM’s deliveries are always on time but why do they arrive in non-uniform packaging?

CLM distribute thousands of parts and products every year to our customers, within the Housing, Healthcare and Public Sectors, requiring significant packaging materials ! With sustainability embedded within our DNA we have sought to minimise the impact our business has on the environment from day one and our local, regional parts centres and recycling of […]

CLM Feature – Localism and Sustainability post-lockdown………………

Localism and sustainability can mean different things to different people and are certainly broad and emotive subjects but in the context of CLM, they’re about Sourcing, Provenance, Heritage, Community and Environmental Impact. Post-lockdown, our customers are telling us that it is increasingly important for them to be sourcing locally. CLM have always provided a local […]

CLM discuss: Repair and Maintenance sustainability for social housing….

Social housing repair and maintenance (R&M) is a significant activity for local authorities and Housing Associations. It’s logical, therefore, the R&M service must also be a key component of each organisation’s sustainability planning. The way in which services are planned and delivered can have a significant effect on the overall environmental impact and carbon footprint. […]